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Posted by Michelle On July - 3 - 2009

These are some testimonials that I have received from clients and their animals, enjoy!!

Hi Michelle

WOW what a treat, Sincere Gratitude for bringing Animal Communication to East Sussex.  Just that, in itself was an absolute treat to have a workshop brought so local to where I live.

I was familiar with your work through The Balance Procedure demonstrations on you tube and I see how you use this tool with the animals. I have also seen your work on TV. However this was only glimpse of you. Its was a great experience attending your Animal communication workshop and meeting you in person  🙂

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend your workshop to those who are interested in Animal Communication.
I would say, simply gather like minded people together for jam packed hours of fun, laughter and to learn new empowering skills.
You will come away from Michelle’s workshop knowing how to intuitively connect with your own pets,  or if you choose to work in the field of animal communication you can do so. Michelle`s approach to teaching animal communication instantly awakens your intuitive telepathic sense, through games that bring out your ability to receive information.

Once you have attended the animal communication workshop Michelle offers on going support. There is also a Facebook page which is a community of like minded people.


Hello Michelle
Thank you once again for a brilliant reading from Lenny and I just want to say on behalf of me and my daughter we really do appreciate these messages and we are so grateful to you for communicating with Lenny in this way and bringing us so much happiness and reassurance that he is still with us
I can not thank you enough for the work that you do and in making people like myself feel so comforted
I hope you continue to do this it is a remarkable gift
Have a great Christmas Michelle and I wish you a very happy new year

Kind wishes
Kim xx

I’d just like to share what a lovely experience having you do a reading on my horse was….. It’s something I’ve always been curious about, and decided to take the plunge. You sent me a wonderful reading with some fascinating and comforting information about my old boy, and some of it was incredibly spooky, involving situations and things that you could not possibly have known about, including naming one of his old stable mates! I have also noticed a difference in our relationship, it feels a lot more tranquil and trusting since the reading, where I asked you to pass on reassurance to him about a promise that was made, and he now openly walks up to me in the field, just for a hug and a kiss. I will definitely be using your services again, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you from both of us…….Becca Holland xx

Just got back home after an amazing day  brilliant workshop put together perfectly and feeling in total awe and incredibly grateful of having the opportunity to spend the day with Michelle Childerley and learn all she has to offer, thank u so much, not only truly talented but also one of the nicest people I have ever met  today is one I will never forget!!! Xx


Hello! would just like to say a big thank you for the reading you did recently for me and Clover! we went out on our own today no problems! Both of us had lovely time in the sunshine!


What a wonderful day at your workshop yesterday. Thank you so muchMichelle Childerley. It has proved to me through my clairvoiance and previous practices in animal healing/communication that I can move forward once again.   x

Absolutely awesome day at an animal communication workshop after 4 hours of training we were then given a photo of an animal to communicate with. Can you believe it when I got a photo of a head of a chicken (Hen) called Phyllis. I said to myself I’m not sure I can do this but closed my eyes and the following pictures appeared in front of me, one leg, battery and Aga oven. My first thoughts were this Hen looks too plump for one leg! But.. I wrote it down, and OMG Phyllis only had one leg and was a rescued battery Hen and her best friend was rescued from a farm house where she used to sit by the Aga. How amazing did I feel… Tuned into 2 more dogs and superb results. I can communicate with animals. By Michelle Holland

I had a workshop on Sunday and I offered to balance 2 cats for a lady, one was tormenting the other who was rather anxious. So I balanced them individually and then together. The lady messaged me this morning ‘Hi Michelle, just keep u updated… thats two nights in a row of no fighting between Alfie and Taz!!! I cant believe it!!! Taz doesnt seem to even bat an eyelid at Alfie so far!! Lol thank you so much!

“I have hired Michelle to do readings on 3 of my pets. They have all been accurate and extremely helpful. Just last night I had a major breakthrough with my kitty as a result of the information I received from a reading Michelle recently did. She is not only gifted, she is kind, caring and compassionate.” Described in as Expert, Good Value, High Integrity.


It was a very special day. I learnt so much – stuff that doesn’t come out of a book!

Thank you

Love Sue x 🙂

Michelle –

Oh my goodness. Wow. Thank you so, so very much for taking the time to do this and to write it all down for me–
This is amazing stuff! How wonderful to be able to communicate with animals in this way!!! And how kind of you to do this for Iago and me, especially at this insanely busy time of year. Again, thank you. I read your email on the train on my way home, and when I walked through my front door, there was my puppy waiting for me and I could swear he looked like he’d got a few things off his chest 🙂
All the best for Christmas and the New Year,

Hi Michelle!!

Ahh thank you for such a lovely day. Really lovely to see you too!  It was truly enlightening and such an amazingly nice group of people too. There was a really nice gentle energy in the room 🙂

I must say that you’re an excellent tutor. Truly. That’s why everyone did so well and we all picked stuff up. It’s really refreshing to take up this kind of study and be encouraged to form your own opinions and methods 🙂
Love Emma x

Hi Michelle
Thank you for a wonderful day – I can’t tell you how much you have opened my eyes so thank you.  We enjoyed the day so much
Best wishes,
Mandy x

Hi Michelle
I really enjoyed the day and everyone was so nice.   I learnt so much. The manual is fab and the balance procedure and dowsing are amazing tools and I will definitely use them.  It was well worth battling the M25 to attend!
Take Care
Sian xx

Hi Michelle,

I thank you for taking the time and energy to communicate with my loved ones for me. I plan to learn your technique at some point, as I feel I can with my sensitive nature. With that said, you are a gift that can never be replicated.

Thank you again, it has meant the world to me…
Kindest Regards,

You are just fantastic!
I don’t know what else to say, you are always simply just so Fantastic.

Thank you
Regards Derek Allen

Hi Michelle
Sorry i am so slow at sending this e-mail but i just wanted to say i thouroughly enjoyed my day on your wonderful animal comunication course,everything you taught us made complete sense,i also found the day really relaxing.
Thankyou  for such a lovely day  Nicola

Hi Michelle
Thank you for a wonderful day from all of us, as always we came home having learned something new.
Carolyn & Harry

Hi Michelle

It was great and I really enjoyed it. Will practise on my cats and friends pets and see what comes.
It is truly amazing to be able to talk to animal, such an amazing gift you have….. hope one day I be as good as you.
Will keep practising and also doing my right brain exercises.
Thanks a lot for a wonderful workshop.
Kind regards

Dear Michelle

I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous day last Saturday.

I learned so much and came away feeling much more confident about communicating with animals and more trusting in my own ability.

Warm wishes


To Dear Michelle,

It was so lovely to correspond with you throughout the year. You are an absolute inspiration.

Thank you for all your wonderful emails.
God bless you in your work with animals, helping to give them a voice.
‘Wishing upon a star for you’
Sue xx


Hi Michelle!

Just had an email from my dad which I wanted to pass on to you:

Very interesting ! Here’s some comments you can feed back to Michelle if you like, along with my thanks for another excellent reading with some really accurate information:-

I think Sandra just bought a new outfit, which included a black skirt. In their cat tunnel, which he plays in a lot, there is a hanging ball at one end. We have a whole bunch of yellow, daisy like flowers in the garden. I have a reading light by the PC in my den. It’s in front of my chair but to Ollie coming in from the garden, it would appear as being behind the chair. I don’t remember giving him cheese but maybe mum has. He likes cheese flavoured Dreamies ! And, as per the pics I sent you on Monday, they spent two or three hours lying very close together on our bed!

So thanks Michelle – from all of us!


Hi again Michelle,

Thank you so much for everything! You have been so gracious with your
time (the communications, our skype chat, and now the chakra balancing
for Maci). It was wonderful to speak with you this morning. The
gentleness, balance and warmth of your heart radiates from your voice.. I
greatly admire the stamp your soul is leaving on our world. I look
forward to discovering mine.

Let’s keep in touch!


Thank you Michelle, you make the planet a more loving place for both human and animal.


Hi Michelle

Your readings have left me speechless and the more i read the more i can put to-gether.

Rosie Boyd


Dear Michelle

I can’t thank you enough Michelle for your wonderful insight and your precious time.

May God bless you in your work, you are indeed a beautiful lady.
Love and light

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and informative day last Saturday, I am so glad that I came to your workshop.

I found Saturday very exciting and had no idea I would be able to do a reading and was surprised at my accuracy.  I shall definitely use it as often as I can and hope to be as clever as you one day!

Thank you so much.

With love, hope to see you again soon.
Jan x


Just want to say thank you very much for the brilliant day today spent with you and the other lovely people who attended. Not forgetting the little dog!

It was a very interesting and friendly workshop and much enjoyed. The meditation was excellent too and my eagle crystal most appropriate!

I look forward to practising the communication as I know it will help in my animal healing.

Love, Linda x


I enjoyed the Webinar very much and found it very helpful. Michelle was open and compassionate, and generous about sharing informaton both about herself and her way of working with animals.

It was good to have some background about Michelle so as to put things in context. And interesting to hear about related subjects that one could perhaps research on the internet.

I thought the material was well-ordered, logical, and attractively presented. It flowed and filled the time very well.

I found the evening very interesting, and also very heart-warming, thank you.

best wishes


Thank you so much for your help, I am certain it is your intervention which bought Blonds round and it is so nice to see a much happier more confident horse in the field when we go down and see them.

Take care, Vic

Hello Dear Michelle,

I am thrilled to meet up with you and David. Please know, your courage to put yourselves out there with an aim to  make a positive difference in the lives of all sentient Beings, inspires and ignites the same in me!! Thank you, I appreciate you and may you always know ,the Beauty You Are. with deep love, joy and peace, Steve

Thank you so much for your help with Roxy – our lives are so much calmer, happier and relaxed – we can just enjoy ourselves now.


Just want to say thank you very much for the brilliant day today spent with you and the other lovely people who attended. Not forgetting the little dog!

It was a very interesting and friendly workshop and much enjoyed. The meditation was excellent too and my eagle crystal most appropriate!

I look forward to practising the communication as I know it will help in my animal healing.

Love, Linda x

The swan was such a graceful and wonderful guide and teacher, you did some wonderful energy work together with him and it was a delight to observe. I am certain that you and he exchanged much deeper than was visible in the video clips or that you were able to articulate into words. It is such an honour to have this as our life purpose, yes? 🙂

Sending much love and blessings to you. XXX

Warm wishes,


Dear Michelle,

What a wonderful lady you are. Doing a balanced procedure really made a huge difference to how Asbo the swan felt. Calm and centred.  Oh, if we could all learn to do this and give sacred space to our wonderful animal friends. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and these wonderful videos with me.

Love, blessings


Annimay: I love the work that Michelle does!!  That clip
is so moving, I literally cried when she started to balance!!!  You can
literally feel the love through the camera!!!  Truly inspirational!!
Michelle you are such a beautiful, talented healer and you’re strength to do
what you have come forth to do is beyond inspiring.  Thank you for all you work, thank you for all the time and energy spent teaching me these tools xxxxxxxxxx

Michelle did a reading and balance for my cat because she was scared and urinating all over the house.

After the reading my cat has not done it once and has been very calm.

Michelle displays such a kind, confident energy.

She has that indefinable quality that you know shes got it all figured out.

Thanks Patrick

Firstly thank you so much for Daisy’s reading, the asparagus and weight comment is amazing, she has just been having asparagus in her food in the last few days only. She was so relaxed with you and has been quite perky since and i think a little bravery in some areas is starting to show through.  It’s lovely to have this info and to know that she really takes note of whats happening and is happy here.

Your talk was so informative and such an interesting story of your abilities. How lovely to be able to communicate with animals and how you have been able to help those animals, superb.

Thanks again Michelle, Good Wishes Sarah Yow

Laughed out loud when you mentioned the spinning thing near her.  Its my rotary washing line!  I don`t have a garden so I used to hang my washing up down the field on a normal line. However, I kept finding nostil marks and grass stains on the clothes where dear Rosie had been investigating.  Her teaching for me is spot on.  My mind is constantly going and my life is very, very busy. Being down the field with her is where I find my peace, so we heal each other I feel.Thank you very much for the reading, it has been a great help.

Love and light

Sharon Austin

It is clear – and amazing – Paula Arnold

What a fantastic reading, I am so pleased. I’ve got the exact answers on my questions!
Amazing work, thank you very much! I do appreciate the wonderful connection you were able to establish with our Pablita-Zusje. Thank you very much, Michelle.

Tonight we watched t.v. and I told him to be calm and he was safe and he laid by me all night.  Thank you Michelle.
Alix Allen

Michelle, thank you so much for you intervention! It is my birthday to-day and as it is st patricks day I am wearing green. I am amazed at your response and affect on kerri, I am very emotional about it as I can see it has made a considerable difference. Also you have made me feel so much better.  It has given me so much needed closure on a very difficult situation.

I am indebted to you Michelle, I am so so grateful for your help and I know Kerri is too!
Brenda Allen

Hi Michelle

The reading for Radar was great, seems to make sense especially with his behaviour here. He is doing much better now and is a wonderful dog, let us do his first vaccination on Thursday with no problems.

Tracy Challis, Wood Green Animal Shelter

Radar has now been re homed, well done Radar!!

Thanks again, you’ve been awesome.
Regards, Derek.


Thanks for this info I have to say I am very impressed, she does sleep on
the end of bed and she does look out of the living room window in the day.


I have used Michelle on quite a few occasions over the years with my German Shepherd dog Blue. I’m very open minded but even I was sceptical to begin with since the process is hard to comprehend. Michelle originally spoke to Blue with no real agenda in mind, using a photo, and identified that he had a problem with his front right shoulder which I hadn’t mentioned to her since it had only occurred the day before. While this was surprisingly accurate, I was even more amazed when she said Blue kept saying a name that she’d never heard me mention before. Incredibly it turned out to be the Christian name of my new partner which is never used owing to a persistent nickname – that blew me away!

I would definitely recommend Michelle (& already have done) to anyone who has ever thought their pet might be trying to tell them something…since they probably are!

We have managed to take Percy to a show in Huntingdon and he was amazing and didnt put a foot wrong. 🙂

He was very relaxed tacking up(unusual!) and I asked him to stand whilst I mounted. He stood like a rock(something again unheard of when going for a hack!)
I talked to him even when we had to go past scary things but he calmed down quickly when I talked to him.

Thank you,
Speak soon

This is huge and amazing . .my sister kept giving me updates and then all of a sudden yesterday she enlightens me that She thinks you are awesome and spot on!!!!

The reason for her concern was the same place you saw for Lola and she never told me that and so you never knew that from me.

Thank you Michelle – you keep well!


Thank you Michelle – as always I am truly blessed at having the access to- I call this my Peace factor-and knowing that you are there to assist
As always I am thoroughly amazed at the insight you give me for my feline delights. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the answers and insight and peace that this gave me.

Michelle was wonderful. She stayed in touch with me regularly and kept my hope alive. Several of the things she discussed with Poppy were spot-on, so I knew they had spoken and therefore that Poppy was alive and well and I kept looking – until I found her!!! Wonderful!!! Amanda (Poppy’s friend)

What wonderful valuable work you do, fantastic!  Katie Sparklie

It was a real privilege to meet you and to gain such an insight into Animal Communication. Yesterday was amazing – really experiential workshop a lovely collection of people. Your presentation style was so relaxed and therapeutic.
I look forward to snatching some time to look over the material and have a go with some of the pictures – however I feel much more in tune when I am touching an animal – as my spirit guide seemed to be telling me!
Thank you. Sarah Asbury

We have made great strides with Treacle (black lab) and Willow (our sensitive Tabby cat who didn’t like having to share her home when Tasha and Treacle moved in last summer).  They have even both laid bottom to bottom, snugging dog between my (Christine’s) legs on foot stool and cuddling cat on lap.
Also we’ve talked to Treacle about her eating habits which are unusual for normally greedy labs: she is picky at times and sometimes will not eat at all if she is upset or thinks she might be left behind if one of us is getting ready to go out.  The results over this morning’s breakfast and yesterdays dinner are amazing, and she seems more chilled.
Getting onto the alpha wavelength is interestingly demanding, but once there, results seem quick.  I’m still practicing the receiving of messages. I remember you said to discount nothing at all.  That all could be relevant.
We practice at every opportunity and thank you for your guidance and insights. X C, R & Tasha
Christine Prescott

By the way the EFT technique you showed us at the workshop works amazingly like you said it would, tried it on my little Chihuahua yesterday to calm her down. Thanks for that.
Love Julie

It was lovely to meet you on Friday – I really enjoyed the day. I’m certainly going to work on it and it is good to know I can email you for help when I have any questions.
With Best Wishes Ros

Dear Michelle

Thank you so much for a most lovely day – we ALL enjoyed it so much and loved Cambridge! Your workshop was very well presented and informative. Thank you for the “after care” you have offered.

I will keep in touch and let you know when I have enough confidence to present my own workshop!!!!!

With love and blessings


Hi Michelle
Thank you i had a fantastic time, [As did every one else] the whole thing was excellent, also having a smaller group you managed to answer every body’s individual questions, It was a lovely day.
Did you notice on the poster you gave me [ the dark horse that you are touching] the camera photographed 2 orbs around you and the horse, one smaller the other larger.
Thank you again
Luv Carolyn

Hi Michelle

Thank you for such a lovely workshop yesterday. It worked so well on many levels. I really enjoyed it.

Not only your passion showed through, but how much attention to the day and content you had put thought to, all of which made it very enjoyable, successful and inspiring.

Very many thanks Michelle, i look forward to your 2nd one.

Good wishes


Hi Michelle,

The workshop was great thank you, it was a really good learning experience and gave me the opportunity to put the information into practice, which was a whole new experience for me as i have never been able to have the feedback to help me recognise and confirm what i was doing.
Best wishes

Really enjoyed it and would definately be interested in another one.

Thank you again

Hi Michelle,
Rachal and I really did enjoy the workshop and also meeting some really lovely people. I was worried that I might not have been in the right  frame of mind  to make the best of it  but the lovely calm atmosphere that you created certainly helped me to chill out. We will look foreward to workshop.2

Much Love Helen

Hi Michelle thanks for Sunday wot an interesting day, I find this all so amazing you have such passion for these animals which is having a knock on affect
Love Jacqui x

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