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Another Reunion :)

Posted by Michelle On March - 14 - 2011 Comments Off on Another Reunion :)

Any rescue or reunion whether it be human or animal is a wonderful thing and at this time I feel it is important to share some positive energy.

Lets all celebrate these moments and if any of you are working with your chakra system I am balancing my Heart and Base chakra, so join me if you like.

This dog and his owner were reunited a couple of days after the Tsunami. (He is alive and recovering).

Love Michelle xx

Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Posted by Michelle On June - 24 - 2010 Comments Off on Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Some wonderful news from Woodgreen Shelter Godmanchester!! Such a great positive story, just amazing!!

Enjoy! xx

A couple living in Northumberland got the surprise of their lives last week when staff from Wood Green telephoned to tell them that their dog had been brought into our Godmanchester Shelter. Jack had come from a shelter in Ireland, where he was picked up as a stray. On arrival at our Wood Green he was immediately scanned for a microchip, enabling us to trace him back to his owners – who had lost him five years before while on holiday!

Jack has now been reunited with his family, who are so grateful that they had him microchipped as a puppy.

Cat needs a home

Posted by Michelle On November - 19 - 2009 Comments Off on Cat needs a home
Hi Everyone
Just wondered if anyone can help out a lovely friend of mine, her vet in Linton Mr. David  Urwin had a cat brought in after it had been in an accident in Weston Colville.  The cat is living with June at the moment as she said she will foster her for a while so she can build up her leg muscles. She was  in a large cage while at the Vets.
She is looking for a permanent home.  She has  lost one of her back leg`s  and a good part of her tail due to being run over by a car. She is a tortoishell in colour.
If anyone is interested please get in touch and I will pass your details on to June and she will contact you directly.
Much love
Michelle x

Great News For Rusty :)

Posted by Michelle On September - 24 - 2009 Comments Off on Great News For Rusty :)

Hi Everyone
I have had some fantastic news regarding the future for Rusty. He is going to live permanently with his foster mum and dad. They decided that they couldn’t bear to let him go and he will be with them forever!!

I am so excited for Rusty,  I was with him the day before this news was decided and he expressed that he was anxious at that point about what was going to happen to him. He was also wearing a new collar that day and the colour was blue which signifies communication, he is so brilliant 🙂

He stole my heart along with so many others…..I wish him well on his journey with a family that he loves so much 🙂
Love Michelle xx


Amazing Display of Forgiveness :)

Posted by Michelle On September - 8 - 2009 Comments Off on Amazing Display of Forgiveness :)

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to update you on Rusty’s progress, I went to see him a couple of days ago and he is doing so well!! 🙂 His hair which is also your protection is growing back fast and he is more alert and confident!

What blows me away every time I meet this little chap is his unconditional love and forgiveness, he is so kind, gentle and loving to everyone he comes in to contact with.

I am honored to have met and spent time with him. Thank you Rusty xx

Ps  A reminder that I still have spaces left on my workshop for Saturday 19th September, this workshop will be filmed as part of my forthcoming Animal Communication DVD and everyone that attends will receive a FREE copy!! 🙂


One Devoted Lady and Her 400 Animals

Posted by Michelle On August - 29 - 2009 Comments Off on One Devoted Lady and Her 400 Animals

Tower Hill Sanctuary in Essex is home to Fiona Oakes and 400 animals she has rescued.

Take a look at her website where you can read about her achievements as an Olympic cyclist and now Marathon runner as well as her devotion to animals.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Enjoy 🙂

Love Michelle xx

Amazing Rusty

Posted by Michelle On August - 7 - 2009 Comments Off on Amazing Rusty

Hello Everyone

I wanted to share with you the amazing story of Rusty, he was brought to Woodgreen Animal Shelter on the 23rd July after being found roaming the streets in Baldock, Hertfordshire. He is the worst case of animal neglect that they have seen at Woodgreen in 25 years.

I have been to see Rusty on a few occasions and what an absolutely gorgeous boy he is. I have been working with him using Animal Communication, The balance Procedure and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I am so grateful for the lessons he has taught me from being  with him already, forgiveness being pretty high on the list!!

What a remarkable character that I am so grateful to be spending time with.

I hope you enjoy this video that I filmed today whilst visiting him, I will keep you updated with his progress or you can visit the woodgreen website and follow his blog there.

Love Michelle

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Battery Hen Rescue

Posted by Michelle On May - 11 - 2009 Comments Off on Battery Hen Rescue

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share with you all the amazing work people do with our wonderful animals. I had the pleasure in spending an afternoon with a very good friend Zoe Glover and her husband Chris on a Battery Hen Rescue.

After unloading several hundred Hens from their horse trailer we placed them in to stables.  Gradually the people arrived to collect the Hens and take them home to start their new lives.


If you are interested in giving a Battery Hen a new start, please have a look at the following websites:

If you are interested in attending or hosting an Animal Communication Workshop please get in touch. 

Best wishes