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A-Z of Animal Communication P for Psychic

Posted by Michelle On February - 24 - 2015 Comments Off on A-Z of Animal Communication P for Psychic


Today’s letter is P for Psychic.

Animal Communication or Telepathy is a psychic skill – direct transmission between 2 beings without written or verbal communication or the use of the 5 senses. One is the sender, the other the receiver.
Psychic’s tune into the energy of people or objects, they rely on their sense of intuition and gut instinct to gather information.
Much love
Michelle x

Upcoming Events Reminder…

Posted by Michelle On February - 23 - 2015 Comments Off on Upcoming Events Reminder…

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying my A-Z of Animal Communication, if you would like to learn more please join me on a forthcoming workshop.

Lowestoft, Suffolk – 1st March 2015.

Psychic Development Through Colour & Music with Belinda Halpenny – Cambridge 14th March.

Shepreth Wildlife Park – Open To All – 22nd March 2015.

If you would like to host, earn and learn a workshop in your area, feel free to message me and I can come to you.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, feel free to share this information with anyone you feel may be interested.

Hope to meet you soon.

Michelle x

events image

Psychic Development Evening – Abington Barn – 11 Feb 2015

Posted by Michelle On February - 4 - 2015 Comments Off on Psychic Development Evening – Abington Barn – 11 Feb 2015


I am delighted to have been asked back to Abington Barn to deliver the Psychic Development evening on Wednesday 11th February at 7.30.

We will spend the evening working on our Mindfulness which provides a space of clarity for our intuition to flow.

Animals teach us Mindfulness and we can learn so much from them. We will be practising many exercises throughout the evening to develop this.

I hope you can join us.

Much love

Michelle x

relaxed lemur


A-Z of Animal Communication

Posted by Michelle On November - 3 - 2014 Comments Off on A-Z of Animal Communication


Each day I will work through the alphabet with a piece of information or advise about Animal Communication. Please join me as we start today with A.

Animal Communication – Is a psychic ability meaning ‘Distant Feeling.’ It is a direct communication between two beings without written or verbal communication, or the use of the five senses.

One is the sender and the other the receiver of information who interprets the information they receive at their end.

See you tomorrow with B.

Michelle x

dog ear450


Psychic Development Day – Sunday 5th October

Posted by Michelle On September - 17 - 2014 Comments Off on Psychic Development Day – Sunday 5th October

Welcome Everyone to a workshop that I will be running with Spiritualist Medium, Belinda Halpenny. Those of you who know her will be aware of her highly accurate and caring work as both a Medium and Tutor. We both love to teach and share, and my Animal Communication work crosses over in many ways using telepathy and psychic connections.

Our workshop is open to anyone who wants to gain an insight, improve understanding and enhance their Psychic and Intuitive skills. Wherever you are on your journey the day will hold something for you.

Every workshop is held in a relaxed, supportive and uplifting atmosphere in which you are encouraged to share your thoughts and to let go of any fear of getting it wrong. Over the day we will share with you ways to develop your own ability and grow in confidence.

The ‘Psychic Development Day’ will be held in central Cambridge on Sunday 5th October 2014.Please join us from 10.30 – 4.30 £25 per place/ticket

Please forward these details on to others who you feel may be interested in attending. We look forward to meeting you.

Places are limited to 20, so it is necessary to pre book.

Heart Radio Interview – Can Pets Predict the Future?

Posted by Michelle On December - 6 - 2011 Comments Off on Heart Radio Interview – Can Pets Predict the Future?

Hi everyone

I was asked to do an interview on Heart Radio about animals predicting the future and whether it is possible or not?

We all create our future moment by moment with our thoughts. As long as our thoughts do not change our reality will manifest, however the moment we change our minds our future will change accordingly.

Enjoy xx

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Interview in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper

Posted by Michelle On April - 11 - 2010 Comments Off on Interview in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper

Well, I was very excited to receive a call on Friday to be asked to do a telephone interview for ‘The Sun’ Newspaper. Animal Communication is really getting out there….Fantastic!!

They asked me to comment on Holly Willoughby’s cat who had made a prediction that she was going to have another little boy and launch a perfume range. They were asking if pets can tell the future…..

In the same context of the future they also asked about animals sensing Tsunami’s, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Here is the clip ‘The Sun’ printed.


Pet Psychic & Behaviour Specialist Michelle Childerley explains why she believes it isn’t barking to believe in their powers….

“I believe all animals are completely psychic – but think Holly’s cat read her mind rather than saw the future.

“Animals can do this because they can quieten their minds.”They don’t fill their heads with information like we do. Instead, they sit and listen to the silence.

“We constantly have the television or radio on to drown out our thoughts and connections.”We are always busy working and not just being and existing, as our furry friends are.

“Animals can also predict events by sensing energy vibrations.”A human has seven main chakras – energy centres in the body – while animals have EIGHT.”Pets have them on their feet, pads or hooves and at the opening of the ear.”These areas are particularly receptive to energy vibrations that help them to detect things way in advance.”They pick up on anything that might change the vibrations – including storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters.”But aside from disasters that actually cause physical vibrations, they can also sense a change of energy in other ways.

“My pet dog would never sit on one of our lawns. He would always cower away and refuse to come anywhere near it.”We later discovered the lawn had been placed over a dangerous mass of asbestos.”I believe he had been avoiding it because he could sense the vibration frequency of the poisonous material.

“These kinds of happenings are down to much more than a greater sense of smell or hearing that we all know animals posses. Animals can naturally feel things.”They are known to pick up on moods and to feel the ‘aura’ of an individual or circumstance.”This is because they are also on a different wave of thought to us. We are on BETA and they are on ALFA, which means they can allow the thoughts of others in too.

“Be it with horse racing trainers, wild life parks or when I volunteer at Wood Green Animal Shelters, communicating with pets is something I have been able to do since I was very small in this way – ever since my childhood dog and I began to communicate.

“I tune into animals brains by stopping my thoughts and slowing down my thought process, and gradually I can feel theirs too.”I am able to focus attention on a specific aspect of an animal’s energy system (a problem, disease, behavior, state of mind and so on) and the system change is connected to mine. I can put it to great use too. I can help challenges in animals, no matter how big or small by reading their thoughts and understanding them.”I believe if any of us put our minds to it, we could bridge the gap between human and animal communication, just like the psychic cat did.”

For more information on Michelle’s work see

I hope you enjoyed that.

Much love