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Animal Communication Discounts!

Posted by Michelle On November - 13 - 2013 Comments Off on Animal Communication Discounts!

Hi Everyone

I wanted to make you aware that I offer discounted rates if you would like to book multiple readings. Some people are booking one off’s on a regular basis and I wanted to make you aware that this exists.

You can use your credits whenever you like, just send me through the details of the animal, email or post a photo and your questions.

If you book 1 reading it is £30 however with multiple readings this can be reduced to £20 depending on how many you book.

The options available are on my website and the link below will take you through to the page.

Much love

Michelle x




Join me at my home – Animal Communication Level 2

Posted by Michelle On March - 18 - 2013 Comments Off on Join me at my home – Animal Communication Level 2


Hi Everyone

I have a limited number of 9 places for you to join me at my home for a day of practice, guidance and fun in Cambridge.

This is for anyone who has already attended my animal communication day and would like to spend some time in a small group, maximum 9 people, where I will be able to focus on each of you individually.

Saturday 11th May 2013

10.30 – 3.30pm in a relaxed open atmosphere.

£25 per person.

If you would like to hold an animal communication party level 1 at your home, where the host is FREE OF CHARGE please contact me.

Look forward to seeing you!

Much love

Michelle xx


My Day at Brampton Grange Livery

Posted by Michelle On May - 29 - 2011 Comments Off on My Day at Brampton Grange Livery

Hi Everyone

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting a lovely livery called Brampton Grange in Northampton.

Prior to my visit I had communicated with 9 horses and 2 dogs and during the visit I shared the information that I had received with the owners.

It was a pleasure to meet such open minded owners who adored their animals.

I would like to share some of the feedback from the owners as the information on the readings is private.

Donna Townley – Woody The Horse and Ted The Chocolate Labrador.

It really is spot on for him and made me smile to myself when i read it. We all had a brilliant day on saturday and i think all of us were completely “buzzing”after you left. Thankyou so much for a lovely day x x x

Clare Lewis – George the Horse

It was lovely to meet you too and it was really interesting to find out what George had to say for himself! I must admit I was quite nervous before the reading but you really made me feel at ease about it.

I am beginning to slowly understand where everything he said slots in to his time he has spent with me and it is proving to show some really interesting pointers. Also, I bought him a beetroot yesterday and he loved it! In my 25 years of being around horses I would never have dreamt they would like beetroot?! He looked really pleased when he was eating it too!

Thank you again for coming to visit us. I have joined your Animal Communication email updates and will definitely be following your blog.

Moira – Chance the Horse

Much of what you told me fitted in very precisely with what I know of Chance and his “horsenality” (he is a left brain introvert – very much a thinker who does not like to be rushed especially when faced with new challenges).

Kim – Bess the Horse

Hi Michelle,

I thought I would share our story about you coming to our stables and communicating with our horses. It was a fantastic day and we all thouroughly enjoyed it! The work you do is amazing and the communication was spot on. Thank you for communicating with my horse Bess, you helped us find the reason why she ate the haynet a few years ago, me and my vet presumed it was stress but then you told me that Bess said ” I am spinning with the amount of times you’ve asked me that question…I didn’t know, it just got caught in” which I think is far more true than stress, Bess is very greedy and always used to chew through her haynets to get to her hay. You also mentioned that Bess was a posh lady, after all these years of me calling her a “chav” I now know she probably doesn’t appreciate it haha. The most important part of mine and Bess’s reading was the first thing that Bess said “Thank you so much for changing my life!” which you’ll probably remember me crying, it was so nice to know that Bess appreciates everything i’ve done for her and that me rescuing her from her other home was the best thing i could have done, Bess also communicated that “I love spending time with my owner, she’s very jolly and a bit mad sometimes” lol which i found very amusing!! and also Bess said “i am happy when we are together”.

Michelle I can’t thank you enough for communicating with my horse and I will definately be asking you to do another reading for us.
You make alot of owners and pets very happy!!

Thank you
Kim and Bess xx

I would like to thank you all for welcoming me to your livery, I truly had a wonderful day….thank you for your kind words and to Leanne for organising my visit.

If you would like me to visit your livery for the day, please get in touch at

Much love

Michelle xx

Crystal Spirals

Posted by Michelle On April - 5 - 2010 Comments Off on Crystal Spirals

Hi Everyone

I wanted to let you know about my new Crystal Spirals that I have recently incorporated into my chakra balancing work using ‘The Balance Procedure.’

The spirals come in three sizes according to the size of your pet small, medium and large. These can be purchased either in my shop on the site, or are included as part of a chakra balance for you pet.

You can request a crystal for whichever chakra you feel may be out of balance, or let me know what challenge your pet has and I can advise you.

Alternatively you can email a picture of your animal to me, and I can tell you which chakra(s) are out of balance at that time. The picture must be of the animal on its own. I will then forward the results to you with an explanation of what they mean and a spiral containing a relevant crystal which will help.

Here is a picture of the three different sizes of spiral, they have not only been attached to collars and horse bridals but bird cages too. Use your imagination and adapt them to your own situation, so that they can be near or around your pets. You can buy them by clicking here!

The Balance Procedure Demonstration on the Wonderful Sox

Posted by Michelle On December - 4 - 2009 Comments Off on The Balance Procedure Demonstration on the Wonderful Sox


Hi Everyone

I have uploaded a video of me demonstrating The Balance Procedure with the amazing Sox. He is a delight to work with and a wonderful horse. I am grateful that his lovely owner Zoe introduced me to him and that I have had the pleasure of working with him both through communication and healing. And What a gentleman he is :O)

Please visit my healing page on this site for more information on The Balance Procedure.

Enjoy!! 🙂

Love Michelle xx

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Y’gotta meet Molly!

Posted by Michelle On July - 1 - 2009 Comments Off on Y’gotta meet Molly!

I hope you all enjoy reading this amazing story about Molly, what an inspiration!! 🙂

Many thanks to Tracy from Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester for sending this through to me.


Meet Molly. She’s a grey speckled pony who was abandoned by her owners when Hurricane Katrina hit southern Louisiana. She spent weeks on her own before finally being rescued and taken to a farm where abandoned animals were stockpiled. While there, she was attacked by a pit bull terrier and almost died. Her gnawed right front leg became infected, and her vet went to LSU for help, but LSU was overwhelmed, and this pony was a welfare case. You know how that goes.

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