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Animal Communication Workshop – Level 2 – Lowestoft Sunday 14th June

Posted by Michelle On March - 7 - 2015 Comments Off on Animal Communication Workshop – Level 2 – Lowestoft Sunday 14th June


I am pleased to announce that I will be joining forces with Martine Jennings who will be organising my level 2 Animal Communication Day in Lowestoft.

My workshops are open to anyone who wants to gain an insight, improve understanding and enhance their skills of Animal Communication.

Every workshop is held in a relaxed atmosphere in which you are encouraged to share your thoughts and to let go of any fear of getting it wrong. Over the day I will share with you all you need to develop your own ability and grow in confidence. My teaching is simple, and my students will verify that I am always there to answer any questions with continued support as an ongoing relationship.

Join me for a day of practice, guidance and fun in Lowestoft.

This workshop is open to anyone who has already attended my ‘animal communication level 1’ and would like to spend some time practising, where I will be able to focus on each of you individually and share knowledge

Sunday 14th June 2015

10.00 – 3.00pm in a relaxed supportive atmosphere.

£30 per person, places limited.

5CPD points are available for this workshop.

For further information contact Martine on –

Mobile: 07730279660 Text

Please forward these details on to others who you feel may be interested in attending. We look forward to meeting you.

Much love

Michelle and Martine x

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The Balance Procedure for both People and Pets

Posted by Michelle On January - 14 - 2014 Comments Off on The Balance Procedure for both People and Pets


Hi Everyone

Come and join me in Central Cambridge and bring yourself and your animals back into balance.

The Balance Procedure is a non-verbal energy technique and therefore works perfectly with animals too. It is simple to learn and use, it keeps you moving forward and eliminates the process of revisiting old stories that keep us in the same place, and re-activates old emotions which keeps them alive.

Do you want to:

  • Create a better relationship between yourself and your animal?
  • Overcome behavioural challenges?
  • Encourage positive behaviour and healthy well being?
  • Build a better quality of life for you and your pet?
  • Keep moving forward?
  • Transform limiting beliefs?
  • Realign our energy system to create our life to its highest potential?

If so, this workshop is for you!

This is an accredited course consisting of 2 levels. Level 1 is for use with family and friends to share, and level 2 including case studies is practitioner level.

A set of Balance Procedure Cards and Balance Procedure e-book will be included in the cost.

For further information on The Balance Procedure please visit my videos where you can hear me talk about the procedure and demonstrate it.

Note: If you are an existing practitioner you are more than welcome at any Balance Procedure workshop that I run at a reduced price. Please contact me for details.

The Balance Procedure Level 1 for all Beings.

Sunday 16th February 2014 . Central Cambridge.
£55 per person 10.00 am – 4.00 pm  CPD Points available.
Look forward to seeing you there.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video">You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Animal Communication Discounts!

Posted by Michelle On November - 13 - 2013 Comments Off on Animal Communication Discounts!

Hi Everyone

I wanted to make you aware that I offer discounted rates if you would like to book multiple readings. Some people are booking one off’s on a regular basis and I wanted to make you aware that this exists.

You can use your credits whenever you like, just send me through the details of the animal, email or post a photo and your questions.

If you book 1 reading it is £30 however with multiple readings this can be reduced to £20 depending on how many you book.

The options available are on my website and the link below will take you through to the page.

Much love

Michelle x




£25 Animal Communication Workshop ~ Sunday 9th June 2013

Posted by Michelle On June - 6 - 2013 Comments Off on £25 Animal Communication Workshop ~ Sunday 9th June 2013

Hi Everyone

Have you ever thought of someone and then you receive a call, letter or email from them? Well this is telepathy, working with focused intention and outside of the usual 5 senses.

During the workshop you will learn how to develop the ability of telepathy and have a greater understanding of how animal communication works. We will have fun exercises, meet your animal spirit guide and start to communicate.

I promise you a fun and informative day :)

The ‘Introduction to Animal Communication workshop’ will be held at The Cambridge Spiritualist Church, on Sunday 9th June 2013

Please join me from 10.00 – 4.00.

5CPD points are available for this workshop.

  • £25 per place/ticket

If you are a member of the church please enquire directly for your discounted rate.

Note: Please bring your own lunch. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided throughout the day.

Please forward these details on to others who you feel may be interested in attending.

I look forward to seeing you there 🙂

Purchase tickets below:

March Madness Offer!

Posted by Michelle On March - 25 - 2013 Comments Off on March Madness Offer!


Hi Everyone

I am having a Mad March offer on my Animal Communication Readings.

This is open to the first 10 bookings only and the cost is £20 per reading.

Once payment has been made, please email me the following:

  • A photograph of your animal. It does not need to be recent but it must clearly show your animals eyes and with no other humans, just the subject animal in question.
  • The animals name, sex and age (if you know it) and whether or not the animal is in spirit.
  • Enclose up to 10 questions you want to ask your animal but remember the answers may not be what you expect.
  • All readings will be completed by email and within 1 month of receipt.

This information can be emailed to:

Please note: If you have further questions following your reading, another
booking should be made. A second reading can then be established to ask your further questions.

I look forward to communicating with your animal friends.

Michelle x



Join me at my home – Animal Communication Level 2

Posted by Michelle On March - 18 - 2013 Comments Off on Join me at my home – Animal Communication Level 2


Hi Everyone

I have a limited number of 9 places for you to join me at my home for a day of practice, guidance and fun in Cambridge.

This is for anyone who has already attended my animal communication day and would like to spend some time in a small group, maximum 9 people, where I will be able to focus on each of you individually.

Saturday 11th May 2013

10.30 – 3.30pm in a relaxed open atmosphere.

£25 per person.

If you would like to hold an animal communication party level 1 at your home, where the host is FREE OF CHARGE please contact me.

Look forward to seeing you!

Much love

Michelle xx


My Day at Brampton Grange Livery

Posted by Michelle On May - 29 - 2011 Comments Off on My Day at Brampton Grange Livery

Hi Everyone

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting a lovely livery called Brampton Grange in Northampton.

Prior to my visit I had communicated with 9 horses and 2 dogs and during the visit I shared the information that I had received with the owners.

It was a pleasure to meet such open minded owners who adored their animals.

I would like to share some of the feedback from the owners as the information on the readings is private.

Donna Townley – Woody The Horse and Ted The Chocolate Labrador.

It really is spot on for him and made me smile to myself when i read it. We all had a brilliant day on saturday and i think all of us were completely “buzzing”after you left. Thankyou so much for a lovely day x x x

Clare Lewis – George the Horse

It was lovely to meet you too and it was really interesting to find out what George had to say for himself! I must admit I was quite nervous before the reading but you really made me feel at ease about it.

I am beginning to slowly understand where everything he said slots in to his time he has spent with me and it is proving to show some really interesting pointers. Also, I bought him a beetroot yesterday and he loved it! In my 25 years of being around horses I would never have dreamt they would like beetroot?! He looked really pleased when he was eating it too!

Thank you again for coming to visit us. I have joined your Animal Communication email updates and will definitely be following your blog.

Moira – Chance the Horse

Much of what you told me fitted in very precisely with what I know of Chance and his “horsenality” (he is a left brain introvert – very much a thinker who does not like to be rushed especially when faced with new challenges).

Kim – Bess the Horse

Hi Michelle,

I thought I would share our story about you coming to our stables and communicating with our horses. It was a fantastic day and we all thouroughly enjoyed it! The work you do is amazing and the communication was spot on. Thank you for communicating with my horse Bess, you helped us find the reason why she ate the haynet a few years ago, me and my vet presumed it was stress but then you told me that Bess said ” I am spinning with the amount of times you’ve asked me that question…I didn’t know, it just got caught in” which I think is far more true than stress, Bess is very greedy and always used to chew through her haynets to get to her hay. You also mentioned that Bess was a posh lady, after all these years of me calling her a “chav” I now know she probably doesn’t appreciate it haha. The most important part of mine and Bess’s reading was the first thing that Bess said “Thank you so much for changing my life!” which you’ll probably remember me crying, it was so nice to know that Bess appreciates everything i’ve done for her and that me rescuing her from her other home was the best thing i could have done, Bess also communicated that “I love spending time with my owner, she’s very jolly and a bit mad sometimes” lol which i found very amusing!! and also Bess said “i am happy when we are together”.

Michelle I can’t thank you enough for communicating with my horse and I will definately be asking you to do another reading for us.
You make alot of owners and pets very happy!!

Thank you
Kim and Bess xx

I would like to thank you all for welcoming me to your livery, I truly had a wonderful day….thank you for your kind words and to Leanne for organising my visit.

If you would like me to visit your livery for the day, please get in touch at

Much love

Michelle xx

Another Reunion :)

Posted by Michelle On March - 14 - 2011 Comments Off on Another Reunion :)

Any rescue or reunion whether it be human or animal is a wonderful thing and at this time I feel it is important to share some positive energy.

Lets all celebrate these moments and if any of you are working with your chakra system I am balancing my Heart and Base chakra, so join me if you like.

This dog and his owner were reunited a couple of days after the Tsunami. (He is alive and recovering).

Love Michelle xx

Wonderful Video to Share :)

Posted by Michelle On March - 9 - 2011 Comments Off on Wonderful Video to Share :)

I love this video and wanted to share it with you. It is such a lovely story.

Enjoy 🙂

Much love, Michelle xxx

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Irish Examiner: Featured Article published Jan 15th 2011

Posted by Michelle On January - 18 - 2011 Comments Off on Irish Examiner: Featured Article published Jan 15th 2011

Hi Everyone

I was approached at Christmas time by the Irish Examiner Newspaper as they wanted to write an article on Animal Communication after reading my article in The Times.

We decided to go along the same lines and I did 2 readings, one for a dog Anna and the other a cat Rudi.

I hope you enjoy them.

Much love


The Irish Examiner Featured Article published Jan 15th 2011 Click here to read the article!

Tara & Bella Best Friends!!

Posted by Michelle On September - 16 - 2010 Comments Off on Tara & Bella Best Friends!!

This video has been brought to my attention again recently by my lovely friend Julie …thanks Julie 🙂

Wanted to share it with you all, I love it where the reporter says at the end how the animals are able to look past their emmense differences, he says ‘take a look world if they can do it what’s our excuse!!’

Enjoy 🙂

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Beautiful Belle!!

Posted by Michelle On June - 28 - 2010 Comments Off on Beautiful Belle!!

I wanted to share with you all a wonderful guest who came to my last Animal Communication Workshop. It was heavily pregnant Belle, who arrived with Carol. Now Carol is fostering Belle as she has come from Woodgreen Animal Shelter until she has her pup and they are all homed.

Belle was amazing at the workshop, we didn’t hear a peep out of her apart from telling me she was having 6 pups and didn’t like her food bowl, which Carol addressed straight away for her.

Well on Sunday Belle had her pups and has been amazing with them, 3 boys and 3 girls.
I wanted to share with you an email that Carol sent to me today after she attended the workshop.


I just feel I have to write to tell you what happened this morning.
As you know Belle had a C-Section yesterday and that usually means that there may be a few problems with the bitch accepting the pups……
Well I had no problems with Belle accepting them at all, I only had to clean the pups once (making them wee & poo) and that was while she was still in the recovery room. She wanted to do it the 2nd time….FANTASTIC
Now….for the most important bit……
The vet and nurses yesterday quoted that Belle has very little milk and that i would need to supplment them all with formula……
Now….my gut reaction was….Ummm…C-section……possibly milk slow coming in….if they dont suckle her, then she will not produce milk……So I went with my gut reaction and did not intervene…..just watched carefully to see all were latched on….
This morning I needed to weigh them to check that they had not lost any weight……
BELLE……would not let me!  Everytime I tried to pick up a puppy, she got up and took it back…..She wasn’t growling at me, she was just adamant that I was not going to touch them….Obviously thiis was a problem as I needed to weigh them……
I then thougth of you and decided to try to communicate with her, it went like this…
I had a hand on Belle and I asked
Belle, can I communicate with you please….I will not judge you, I’m only here to love and help you.
The feeling I got was a distinctive NO….
I communicated….Belle, that’s fine, but can I just tell you something which will help you?
I felt a definate…tut tut….go on then!
I said I am here to help you in anyway you want…..but I really need to weigh the puppies to make sure that they are all doing well……I want to make sure they are ok. I can’t tell if they have put weight on. I will keep them here with you and I promise to give them straight back. Can I do that please?
I felt her saying, ok, you can do it…….
I then went on to take each pup from her in turn and weigh, record it’s markings and give it a kiss before placing it back on the nipple…….She only got agetated when i did the last one again to be sure I’d done it right…..
Thank you so so much for sharing your gift with me!
I think you are truly amazing….Mwah…..
Love always Carol, Belle & 6 bundles of fur xxxxxxxx
When I stopped crying I managed to reply, what a great lady fostering these pregnant dogs and looking after them until the pups are ready to be rehomed and the mum too. If anyone is interested in homing either Belle or one of her pups please get in touch with Woodgreen Animal Shelter and they will arrange it from there.
Good luck Belle and all your pups and thank you so much to a truly wonderful lady…carol!! xxx

Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Posted by Michelle On June - 24 - 2010 Comments Off on Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Some wonderful news from Woodgreen Shelter Godmanchester!! Such a great positive story, just amazing!!

Enjoy! xx

A couple living in Northumberland got the surprise of their lives last week when staff from Wood Green telephoned to tell them that their dog had been brought into our Godmanchester Shelter. Jack had come from a shelter in Ireland, where he was picked up as a stray. On arrival at our Wood Green he was immediately scanned for a microchip, enabling us to trace him back to his owners – who had lost him five years before while on holiday!

Jack has now been reunited with his family, who are so grateful that they had him microchipped as a puppy.

Suryia & Roscoe Best Friends

Posted by Michelle On August - 21 - 2009 Comments Off on Suryia & Roscoe Best Friends

Hi Everyone

A good friend of mine sent me this story and I wanted to share it with you all, aren’t they just gorgeous!!

Love Michelle xx

Where you lead, I will follow…best friends Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick hound.


Doggy paddle’s the order of the day here for the couple who live at the Tigers sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Suryia and Roscoe spend hours together every day – they’re particularly keen on swimming.


The two mates see the funny side of most things.


There’s always time to chill.


A dog’s not just a man’s best friend, he’s an orangutan’s too.