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Posted by Admin On January - 29 - 2009

Animal Communicator – Michelle Childerley

  • Published Author
  • Animal Telepathy

Animal Communicator Sky1 Pet Nation

Sky1 Pet Nation – Michelle Childerley Animal cryptocurrency Communicator














Brand new 12-Part  TV Show for Fremantlemedia called Pet Sense with Michelle Childerley.


Michelle is an internationally renowned Animal Communicator from Cambridge who believes that telepathy is a standard feature of not only the human being, but all life around us. With numerous appearances in tabloids, magazines and TV around the world, she was featured recently on BBC1’s Ronnies Animal Crackers with Ronnie Corbett and Sky 1’s Petnation with Liza Tarbuck and Huey Morgan and also had her own series ‘Pet Sense’ filmed with Fremantle Media.

Michelle was also featured in a documentary called ‘The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus’ which was featured at film festivals worldwide. Michelle is a published author of ‘A Meeting of Minds, the Art of Animal Communication’.

Working with a huge variety of animals over the years, has taken her to wild life parks, animal shelters and race horse trainers.

From a young age Michelle was aware of a connection that she had with her dog Jason with whom she would have endless conversations. After Jason was taken away from her at the age of twelve, Michelle shut down her intuitive awareness for many years.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Michelle became aware of her ability once again after studying energy techniques, when the dog of a man selling ‘The Big Issue’ communicated with her. In that moment a reconnection was established and Michelle then set out to bridge the gap between animal and human communication.

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