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Messages from Wasps

Posted by Michelle On May - 5 - 2009 Comments Off on Messages from Wasps

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share with you some pictures of an amazing wasp nest that we found in the new house we have just moved into.


I never disguard anything in the animal kingdom that comes in to my reality, the animals that turn up in unusual circumstances or that we see repeatedly in a short time are trying to convey a message.

With our busy lives we often miss these observations and messages, I am going to be posting blogs regularly on different animals telling you what it means when they appear in your lives.

My first will be wasps:

Whatever project lies before you, go for it with enthusiasm, passion and determination. Focus on fulfilling your responsibilities.

Do something completely different from the norm, something adventurous. Lead with your heart and not your head, make your dreams a reality.

Let me know if there is an animal you would like me to feature.

Best wishes