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Testimonial – Jeff Haines

Posted by Michelle On September - 19 - 2010 Comments Off on Testimonial – Jeff Haines

4 Cats and a happy owner!!

I have recently worked with Jeff’s wonderful cats, and as ever they have shown me some things to work with on myself ūüôā which I am most grateful for.

Jeff has recorded a testimonial video for me to share with you all which is much appreciated. Thank you Jeff.

Enjoy, Michelle xx

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Workshop Feedback

Posted by Michelle On April - 25 - 2009 Comments Off on Workshop Feedback


Thank you so much to everyone who attended my 20th March workshop in Abington, Cambridge. What a wonderful group of people I was fortunate enough to meet.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and I wanted to share a few testimonials I received.

It was a real privilege to meet you and to gain such an insight into Animal Communication. Yesterday was amazing –¬†really experiential¬†workshop¬†a lovely collection of people.
Your presentation style was so relaxed and therapeutic.
I look forward to snatching some time to look over the material and have a go with some of the pictures – however I feel much more in tune when I am touching an animal – as my spirit guide seemed to be telling me!
Thank you. Sarah Asbury

Thank you I had a fantastic time, [As did every one else]¬† you should be so proud of yourself the whole thing was excellent, also having a smaller group you managed to answer every body’s individual questions, It was a lovely day. Carolyn Alsop

We have also made great strides with Treacle (black lab) and Willow (our sensitive Tabby cat who didn’t like having to share her home when Tasha and Treacle moved in last summer).¬† They have even both laid bottom to bottom, snugging dog between my (Christine’s) legs on foot stool and cuddling cat on lap.
Also we’ve talked to Treacle about her eating habits which are unusual for normally greedy labs: she is picky at times and sometimes will not eat at all if she is upset or thinks she might be left behind if one of us is getting ready to go out.¬† The results over this morning’s breakfast and yesterdays dinner are amazing, and she seems more chilled.
Getting onto the alpha wavelength is interestingly demanding, but once there, results seem quick.¬† I’m still practicing the receiving of messages. I remember you said to discount nothing at all.¬† That all could be relevant.
We practice at every opportunity and thank you for your guidance and insights. X C, R & Tasha
Christine Prescott
Thank you also to Dalida who allowed us to do a reading with the wonderful Claude. It was great for everyone in the group to experience doing a live reading and answering questions so accurately about Claude and his new trainer.
A great experience and opportunity for everyone on the day.
I had a wonderful time.