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Interview with Paul the Octopus

Posted by Michelle On July - 10 - 2010 Comments Off on Interview with Paul the Octopus

Well I am sure you have all heard about ‘Paul the Octopus’ predicting the World Cup Football results and also the previous Euro results and doing a very good job of it!

I was contacted by CNN International for my thoughts on what Paul was doing and how he was getting these results. So I thought what a great opportunity to speak to the chap himself and find out from him.

He is a very excited soul with an extremely playful, fun character. He is very aware of the task in hand and what he has been asked to do, he knows there are 2 teams and they are represented by the 2 flags.

I asked where he was getting his information from, was it the public a global thing? He said the public are too scattered, I get drawn to the energy of the most positive team at the moment that they lower the 2 boxes into the water.

He has no attachment to the outcome, he just does what he is asked in that moment and that is it for Paul. Complete trust in his answer.

So lets see tomorrow who was the most positive team when Paul was asked who will win The World Cup?

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