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Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Posted by Michelle On June - 24 - 2010 Comments Off on Reunited after 5 years!! :)

Some wonderful news from Woodgreen Shelter Godmanchester!! Such a great positive story, just amazing!!

Enjoy! xx

A couple living in Northumberland got the surprise of their lives last week when staff from Wood Green telephoned to tell them that their dog had been brought into our Godmanchester Shelter. Jack had come from a shelter in Ireland, where he was picked up as a stray. On arrival at our Wood Green he was immediately scanned for a microchip, enabling us to trace him back to his owners – who had lost him five years before while on holiday!

Jack has now been reunited with his family, who are so grateful that they had him microchipped as a puppy.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Nicola t’s Missing Dog Twinkle

Posted by Michelle On May - 15 - 2010 Comments Off on Celebrity Big Brother’s Nicola t’s Missing Dog Twinkle

This week I have been working with Nicola t from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and her missing dog ‘Twinkle’.

Twinkle jumped from the boot of a car after visiting the doggy parlour in Epsom and there has been one possible sighting of him in Hookfield.

Nicola has permitted me to discuss this work to hopefully bring further awareness, and for people to spread the word. You can follow the story here on her blog.

I would like to give you an insight into missing pets and the reason why some animal communicators shy away from it.

It can be a very emotional time as we wonder whether we will ever see them again. Often it is the not knowing which is one of the most painful parts of being without our friends.

By asking them questions and sensing their feelings I can tell if they been injured or trapped somewhere. If they are being looked after by another person. Whether they are trying to find their way home or are too scared to move from where they are hiding.

When tracking an animal sometimes they can show a picture of exactly where they are at the very moment. This depends on how disorientated they are feeling or how exhausted they might be. However, sometimes they show pictures of where they have been the day before or a few hours earlier. This is patient work. The hardest part of this is when you may  know exactly the area being described and immediately go to the spot full of hope and optimisim only to find the animal isn’t there. This doesn’t mean the animal hasn’t been there, it just means they are not there now.

If we are fortunate it may be hours, or days, even weeks or months before your friend returns home. While this is something I always hope for, I can not promise to find your animal. Tracking is the most complicated part of an animal communicators job.

Here is an exercise you can practice if your friend is missing:

Make sure you can have some undisturbed silence for the next
10 minutes. Get yourself comfortable in a chair with your feet on the
fl oor, and close your eyes. Focus on your breath not forcing it, breathing gently until you feel it slowing and your body becoming more relaxed.

Imagine two doors in the top of your head which you open. Allow
a golden ray of light to enter the top of your head and feel it tingling
down your spine, then down your legs and through your feet and into the
earth. Feel this wonderful ray of warm golden light as it glides through
your body. Repeat this slowly three times.
Now drop your attention down to your heart and feel the huge
amount of love you have for your animal. Think of some words to describe it.
Now shine a beacon of your love as a homing signal for your
animal to connect to and use to feel loved and calm. Just like the beam
of light from a lighthouse visualize a beam of white light, a beam of
love, extending out from your heart and your home to your animals heart. The animal will love you for this reassuring calming gesture of love and feel
stronger knowing you are still there for them. If they can they will
be able to use this beam of light to find their way home.

After a few minutes slowly bring your attention back into the
room. Gently open your eyes and wriggle your hands until you feel back
in the present moment.

Remain positive and calm as this will always benefit the return of your friend.

Much love

Michelle xx

George Home Safely :) (but quite muddy!)

Posted by Michelle On September - 29 - 2009 Comments Off on George Home Safely :) (but quite muddy!)

Hi Everyone

This morning I received a call from a lovely young lady, her Jack Russell George had run away 4 days ago!!

Whilst talking to her I knew that he was stuck down a rabbit hole! I spoke to him once I finished my call and it was confirmed to me that he was definitely stuck.

I took a ride out to Abington and was drawn to a small wooded area. We all called his name and I felt that we were close and he could hear us.

After returning home a few hours later and about to make a connection with him again, I received a call from Nicky, George was making his way towards her house! He was muddy and damp and relieved to be home 🙂

I was most impressed with Nicky’s positive mind set and she did not doubt for one minute that he would be back. Sometimes just making that connection gives enough hope to the missing animal that people are still caring and thinking about it.

Welcome home George!! xxx


Frodo is Home :)

Posted by Michelle On July - 17 - 2009 Comments Off on Frodo is Home :)

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to let you all know that Frodo the Cat is home after being missing for 7 weeks! Many people on my last workshop knew about Frodo’s story from Helen who attended, and I promised to let you all know our progress.

It is with absolute joy after working with Helen and Frodo for 4 weeks that today is the day that he returned home.

We are overwhelmed with excitement, joy, love and relief of his return.  He has had some adventure out there!!

Welcome home Frodo and thank you for introducing me to such a fabulous family xx


Welcome Home Poppy!!

Posted by Michelle On February - 7 - 2009 Comments Off on Welcome Home Poppy!!

Welcome Home Poppy!!


We are all thrilled to bits with the return of Poppy who was missing for 5 weeks.

I spoke to Poppy on a few occasions and relayed information to her very loving concerned friend that had asked me to help.

All the love, effort and understanding brought this pair back together.

It was a pleasure to work with you both.