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Hummingbird Crop Circle

Posted by Michelle On July - 16 - 2009 Comments Off on Hummingbird Crop Circle

Hi Everyone

This amazing crop circle was reported on 2nd July 2009 on Milk Hill, near Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire.

The Hummingbird is known as the messenger and stopper of time as it hovers in one spot and appears to be motionless.  It is also the messenger for hope and jubilation.

the_humming_bird_nazca_lines_peru_crop_circle_reported_july_the_2nd_at_milk_hill_near_stanton_st_bernard_wiltshireHummingbirds are signs of joy, healing, peace, energy, infinity and renewal.

The wings move in the pattern of an infinity symbol, further solidifying their symbolism of eternity and continuity.  They remind us to seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.

The most profound questions the Hummingbird asks is:

‘Where is your joy?’  ‘Is your happiness found within, or do you seek it externally?’

‘What is the source of your joy?’  ‘What must you do to increase your joy?’

Below is a picture of the Nazca lines in Peru where a Hummingbird has been etched into the Earth’s surface.

There is a huge similarity between the two pictures.


See you soon

Michelle x