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German Shepherd: Blue

Posted by Michelle On October - 31 - 2007 Comments Off on German Shepherd: Blue

I have had the pleasure of chatting to Bluey on several occasions and it is always a wonderful experience as I know I will have a great conversation with him.


I have generally had cause to chat with Bluey when he has been a little under the weather to check out how he is really feeling.

We always tend to go off piste and he tells me about all kinds of other things and the people around him he loves dearly.

This testimonial is from Blue’s friend that he shares his life with…

“I have used Michelle on quite a few occasions over the years with my German Shepherd dog Blue. I’m very open minded but even I was skeptical to begin with since the process is hard to comprehend.

Michelle originally spoke to Blue with no real agenda in mind, using a photo, and identified that he had a problem with his front right shoulder which I hadn’t mentioned to her since it had only occurred the day before.

While this was surprisingly accurate, I was even more amazed when she said Blue kept saying a name that she’d never heard me mention before.

Incredibly it turned out to be the Christian name of my new partner which is never used owing to a persistent nickname – that blew me away!

I would definitely recommend Michelle (& already have done) to anyone who has ever thought their pet might be trying to tell them something…since they probably are!”