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So Rudolph Did Have A Red Nose!

Posted by Michelle On December - 24 - 2014 Comments Off on So Rudolph Did Have A Red Nose!

Merry Christmas!

While all the other reindeer’s may have laughed at him and called him names, not letting him join in their games, it seems Rudolph the reindeer’s red nose is invaluable at helping him carry out his Christmas mission.

Scientist have solved the puzzle of Rudolph’s nose, claiming it is to stop it freezing and to help with the exertion of delivering presents to good children around the globe.

They say Rudolph’s nose shines so brightly because it is richly supplied with red blood cells which help to protect it from freezing and to regulate brain temperature.

Have a wonderful Christmas Time and Happiness in 2015.
Thank you for your continued support. 

Much love, Michelle xxx




Serendipity Robin

Posted by Michelle On November - 29 - 2012 Comments Off on Serendipity Robin

Whilst taking my morning walk through the woods with Alfie we stopped for a moment for him to have a sniff, as I turned around looking at the trees a Robin came and sat on the branch, he was so close I could have touched him….he was amazing!

While I was admiring his beauty Alfie was kicking up the mud and leaves with his back legs and ready to continue our walk. I looked at the Robin and said is there anything you would like to share? He said ‘Serendipity’ – I had heard this word before but I did not know what it meant. I thanked him for this and walked away, as I did he flew down to the floor where Alfie had kicked up the mud and proceeded to peck away at the fresh ground that Alfie had exposed for him.

I came home and Googled ‘serendipity’ and found that it means ‘making a desirable discovery or the fortuitous finding of something valuable while not looking for it’. Alfie had unearthed a whole array of food that the Robin had found….marvellous co creation and serendipity!

Now I know the meaning of the word serendipity, thank you Robin 🙂

Much love

Michelle xx

Frog and The Duke of Edinburgh!

Posted by Michelle On July - 8 - 2011 Comments Off on Frog and The Duke of Edinburgh!

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share with you a story about my son Jake who has just returned from a 4 day trip in the New Forest to take his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The whole atmosphere of the trip was dampened by the constant downpour, which at first they thought was quite fun but after sleeping in damp sleeping bags with blistered feet grew somewhat tiring.

On the third day of the trip covering 10 miles a day Jakes group found themselves lost in the woods for about 3 hours. They sat down on a bank to try and work out the right direction to head in. After a few moments Jake noticed a frog under his leg, it decided to jump up onto him. When the time came for them to head off Jake had to put him back on the ground as he was quite happy to sit there all day.

When they returned home Jake told me about the frog and asked me what it meant. Well frogs are all about transformation and adaptability which was very appropriate due to his circumstances. They also relate to clearing out things that are a burden and The Duke of Edinburgh makes you focus on the bare essentials that you really need to survive. The water element is also about cleansing.

The frog shows us the wisdom of knowing when to rest and re-charge and you can call on the energy of the frog when you need to easily swim through some tough life transitions.

The frog understands what it is like to undergo some serious growing – and so it is a fantastic animal totem for teenagers as they sometimes struggle to find their place, Jake is now 14years so I am not surprised the frog showed up at this time.

Much love, Michelle xx

Ghani the Rapper! :)

Posted by Michelle On March - 28 - 2011 Comments Off on Ghani the Rapper! :)

I wanted to share a communication that I had last week with a Gorgeous Pitbull called Ghani.

When connecting with Ghani the first thing that came across quite clearly was Ghani’s personality, he was a VERY cool guy. I asked him if he was a cool dude as in a ‘surfer dude’ type character, but Ghani was not having any of that….he was quite clearly a ‘Rapper dude’!!

His life and personality to me resembled that of Eminem, if any of you are into rap music.

After relaying this information to his owner, there was much laughter as it was explained to me that there is a rap which was written for Ghani on a website called Kap ‘n K9, which you may like to take a look at.

This was so funny as his personality fit the bill perfectly 🙂

This is the rap:

(sung in a Wacky High-Pitched Falsetto)

Gangsta Pit, now dontchoo spit.
What fo’ you wearin a baseball mitt?
Lookit dis fattie dat I got lit,
C’mere an take a long, deep hit.

Gangsta Pit, Gangsta Pit…

Gangsta Pit, why dontchoo sit?
That chair too big, dis one’s a betta fit.
Set on down, lemme take yo kit,
Read a magazine or wouldja radda knit?

Gangsta Pit, Gangsta Pit…

Gangsta Pit, y’know dat guy you bit?
Now he dead, I guess he quit.
De Po-lice cummin, dey got a writ,
No use talkin’, you betta git.

Hey, Gangsta Pit, if’n you such a bad-ass, why you got a pink collar and mince when you walkin?

Much love



Lola and the Car Boot Sale!

Posted by Michelle On November - 18 - 2010 Comments Off on Lola and the Car Boot Sale!

I wanted to share with you a lovely story that came out of my weekend doing a car boot sale here in Cambridge.

I decided to have a stall at a car boot sale on Saturday, so after dropping my son at school and walking Alfie I finally got there, rather late but I got there nevertheless.

I found myself next to a wonderful lady and her dog Lola who was a cross Rhodesian Ridgeback / Staffy, she also was absolutely gorgeous.

Her owner told me the story of how she rescued Lola whilst volunteering at Woodgreen Animal Shelter, and how after several weeks of Lola being quite tricky to look after on her own reducing her to tears on a daily basis and Lola constantly running off, she finally whilst out walking with Lola decided that enough was enough.

She said ‘listen Lola I can’t take it anymore, if you run off one more time that is it, I will have to take you back to Woodgreen’….Guess what for the first time Lola stayed with her and never ran away.

So, what happened???

Firstly Lola was totally aware of the thoughts of her owner, as before we say anything to anyone we have already thought it, and that is what our animals tune into and are aware of. So be careful what you think!!!

Secondly, the shift came when Lola’s owner let go of the outcome, she stopped focusing on what she didn’t want, which was Lola running away. Her constant thoughts were ‘please don’t run off Lola’ and that is exactly what she did. A bit like me saying to you ‘don’t think of a pink elephant’ same thing. We have to send our animals messages of what we want not what we don’t want.

So the moment the lady shifted her thoughts, feelings and beliefs Lola shifted too. We are all reflections of each other.

She spent the whole day at the car boot right by the side of her owner, digging the grass and doing her own thing. The last thing on her mind was running off as with her owner, even when she did have a little wander she was never far away and came back of her own accord.

Thanks Lola, great reminder of ‘you get what you think about most, what ever it is!’

Much love


Adapted Alphabet Game – Esther Hicks & Abraham :)

Posted by Michelle On September - 24 - 2010 Comments Off on Adapted Alphabet Game – Esther Hicks & Abraham :)

I would like to thank Coryelle Kramer for sharing this great game adapted from the Abraham-Hicks Alphabet game, with a twist.  It’s going to help you with your animal communication.
This game will help you to slow down your mind, enough so that you’ll be able to actually FEEL yourself doing telepathic animal communication with your pet.

The game is really simple, and here is the beauty of it…
1. It only takes a few minutes a day. You can spend as much or as little time as you want, but no matter what, you will feel better afterward.

2. Your animal friend will also feel better as you are doing this game, you may even see their reaction to it.
3. As you do this game you’ll actually FEEL and SEE how telepathy and thus animal communication works. As you search for words you’re slowing & quieting your brain, enough so that you’ll feel the process of forming images in your mind AND since it’s your animal friend your doing the alphabet game about, you’re also thinking about them at the time and you’re automatically sending the images to them as well.
THIS is animal communication. Congratulations…..You’re doing it!

The Animal Communication Alphabet Game

Starting with the letter “A” think of a positive, happy or fun word that you associate with your animal friend.
For example:
If you have an ACTIVE dog and the word “Active” is a happy good feeling word gathering up images of your happy animal friends running around or playing with their toys or playing with the kids. Then that’s a good word to use. Or maybe the word “Allowing” (animals are very allowing), or the word “Appreciation” (for having such a great animal friend) would be a good choice.

It doesn’t matter what the word is as long as when YOU think about it, it makes YOU feel good.

Then go to “B” maybe “Ball” is a good word.  Maybe the word “Bark” (again ONLY if this word brings up good images for you) an animal’s bark can be cute, a way of calling “come play with me” or a bark can conjure up an image of your animal protecting and loving you.
Then move on to the letter “C” and so on. Keep going till you either want to stop, or till you get to the letter “Z”, and then you simply start again at the beginning.

Choose the best FEELING words

Notice how you FEEL and what your mind is doing during this process. Your mind is slowing down, focusing on one project, then it runs through the different possibilities and then when you find the right word it feels like you have a little EUREKA-like moment.
At the same moment you get a little excited and then you get the STRONG mental image(s) of your animal being or doing that word.
This powerful game can be done anytime, anywhere regardless if your animal friend is with you or not. It’s great to use if you’re away from you pet and you want to do a check-in with them. Everybody loves the feeling of knowing when someone is thinking about them and your animals are no different.

Much love

Michelle x

So, What’s in a Name?

Posted by Michelle On August - 25 - 2010 Comments Off on So, What’s in a Name?

I am often told when communicating with animals that they do not like their name and they would rather be called something else. They may also tell me the name that they would prefer to be called.

So what is in a name you ask?    I say….EVERYTHING!

Our name is our sense of self and of belonging. When we hear our name called our attention is drawn to the being we are. When we are aware of other peoples or animals names we are probably aware of the qualities that person has.

Spiritually when something is named it has form. The name allows us to link with the essential being.

There’s magic in those letters that add up to you….. According to the ancient science of acrophonology, each of the letters in your first name has energy and a vibration.

Names have power, they are the way you refer to yourself, and how others recognize and think of you. The same goes for your pet. The feelings and vibrations associated with names are incredibly important especially for animals who are more vibrationally and telepathically aware than we are. When we say their names or a word, we also send out a picture with it (we do this with almost every single word we speak).

So if you call your dog “Killer” You send out a picture and a FEELING about what you think the word means to you. Just as easily as if their name was “Sunshine” or “Honey”.

Picking the right name for your pet CAN sometimes make all the difference between having peaceful or challenging relationship with your animal companion.

Is negative behavior & health problems tied to names?
Occasionally when I meet people and they find out what I do, I’ll hear something like this…
“Oh, you’re an Animal Communicator? I need you to talk to my dog/cat/horse/mouse he/she is driving me crazy!”
I usually say “Sure that’s fine, what’s your pet’s name?”
to which, they say…“Brute”, “Bruiser”, “Psycho”, “Butch”, “Rampage”.
I even had someone tell me their cat’s name was “Trouble”!…well THAT is just asking for it!

Does a name have everything to do with negative behavior or health problems? No, of course not, but in some situations it is a GOOD place to start.

If you get a feeling that a name change IS in order, then why not try going straight to the source and ask you animal companion what name they would like. Just take a moment, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing, and when you feel open and ready just ask them if they have an idea of a good name for them. The first answer that comes to mind is usually the right answer.
Or, ask them to give you some kind of sign over the next few days of what name they think would be good for them.

If you would like to look at a few names that may be possibilities for your pet, here are a couple of websites that might help you both choose:

Finding a name for your animal companion is great beginning to your friendship with your pet, even if your beginning began sometime ago.

Much love

Michelle x

Interview in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper

Posted by Michelle On April - 11 - 2010 Comments Off on Interview in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper

Well, I was very excited to receive a call on Friday to be asked to do a telephone interview for ‘The Sun’ Newspaper. Animal Communication is really getting out there….Fantastic!!

They asked me to comment on Holly Willoughby’s cat who had made a prediction that she was going to have another little boy and launch a perfume range. They were asking if pets can tell the future…..

In the same context of the future they also asked about animals sensing Tsunami’s, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Here is the clip ‘The Sun’ printed.


Pet Psychic & Behaviour Specialist Michelle Childerley explains why she believes it isn’t barking to believe in their powers….

“I believe all animals are completely psychic – but think Holly’s cat read her mind rather than saw the future.

“Animals can do this because they can quieten their minds.”They don’t fill their heads with information like we do. Instead, they sit and listen to the silence.

“We constantly have the television or radio on to drown out our thoughts and connections.”We are always busy working and not just being and existing, as our furry friends are.

“Animals can also predict events by sensing energy vibrations.”A human has seven main chakras – energy centres in the body – while animals have EIGHT.”Pets have them on their feet, pads or hooves and at the opening of the ear.”These areas are particularly receptive to energy vibrations that help them to detect things way in advance.”They pick up on anything that might change the vibrations – including storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters.”But aside from disasters that actually cause physical vibrations, they can also sense a change of energy in other ways.

“My pet dog would never sit on one of our lawns. He would always cower away and refuse to come anywhere near it.”We later discovered the lawn had been placed over a dangerous mass of asbestos.”I believe he had been avoiding it because he could sense the vibration frequency of the poisonous material.

“These kinds of happenings are down to much more than a greater sense of smell or hearing that we all know animals posses. Animals can naturally feel things.”They are known to pick up on moods and to feel the ‘aura’ of an individual or circumstance.”This is because they are also on a different wave of thought to us. We are on BETA and they are on ALFA, which means they can allow the thoughts of others in too.

“Be it with horse racing trainers, wild life parks or when I volunteer at Wood Green Animal Shelters, communicating with pets is something I have been able to do since I was very small in this way – ever since my childhood dog and I began to communicate.

“I tune into animals brains by stopping my thoughts and slowing down my thought process, and gradually I can feel theirs too.”I am able to focus attention on a specific aspect of an animal’s energy system (a problem, disease, behavior, state of mind and so on) and the system change is connected to mine. I can put it to great use too. I can help challenges in animals, no matter how big or small by reading their thoughts and understanding them.”I believe if any of us put our minds to it, we could bridge the gap between human and animal communication, just like the psychic cat did.”

For more information on Michelle’s work see

I hope you enjoyed that.

Much love


No More Fleas!! and Workshop Update

Posted by Michelle On April - 8 - 2010 Comments Off on No More Fleas!! and Workshop Update

Hi Everyone

With this wonderful weather we have had today in the UK and hopefully it is here to stay, I thought I might mention the topic of fleas.

The colour violet is great for discouraging fleas. It will not harm the fleas but, since they do not like the violet energy, it will dissuade them from breeding. If your animal wears a collar, try to get one in violet to add to its effectiveness. You could also try violet bedding and have the crystal Amethyst nearby as this also works a treat.  One of my spirals containing an amethyst would also be a good choice.

You can use these ideas as a preventative too.

I also want to give you an update on my workshops, I will be having an Animal Healing Workshop on Sunday 30 May and Animal Communication on Saturday 19 June both in Cambridge. These will be my last workshops until October as I will be making an Animal Communication DVD which I am very excited about.

So hopefully I will meet some of you there.

Much love

Michelle xxx

April Fools Animal Myths!

Posted by Michelle On March - 31 - 2010 Comments Off on April Fools Animal Myths!

Hi Everyone

With reference to the fact that it is April Fools Day, I thought I would join my animal communicator friend Janet Roper in exposing some Urban Myths relating to the animal kingdom. Below are some very common myths that have been shared about our animals and some are very interesting!!

Can Camel’s Really Store Water in Their Humps?

A camel’s hump does not hold water at all – it actually stores fat. The camel uses it as nourishment when food is scarce. If a camel uses the fat inside the hump, the hump will become limp and droop down. With proper food and rest the hump will return to normal.

The hump is not used for water storage, but camels can go for long periods of time without water. They drink large amounts of water – up to 20 gallons at a time. This water is stored in the animal’s bloodstream.

Blind as a Bat.

Bats are not blind and many can see very well. Insect-eating bats depend on sound and very good hearing to find food and to get around in the dark.

Polar Bears.

Great white bears are not left-pawed as often said. Observers of these amazing animals have not noticed a preference. In fact,  polar bears seem to use their left and right paws equally.

Do Dogs See in Colour?

Dogs seeing in black and white is a complete myth. They can see red, blue, indigo, violet, orange, yellow, green, pink and every other colour. They are also very aware of the vibration of colours as well.

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.

The saying is meant to be taken less literally about dogs and more about people — specifically, the types who have been set in their ways for so long that changing their behavior would be a hard habit to break.

Cows Can’t Walk Down Stairs.

The coordination of their front and back leg joints make it hard for them to walk down stairs like cats or dogs can. I have however seen this ability with my own eyes in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu. This cow found it ok 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed these. I am sure there are many more!!

Much Love

Michelle x

How Our Animals Reflect Us :)

Posted by Michelle On February - 14 - 2010 Comments Off on How Our Animals Reflect Us :)

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share this video of Darryl Anka who channels ‘Bashar’. He has some very wise words regarding how our pets will reflect us in different ways.

Enjoy 🙂

Love Michelle

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

5 Tips for Animal Communication

Posted by Michelle On February - 3 - 2010 Comments Off on 5 Tips for Animal Communication

Hi Everyone

I wanted to give you some tips and exercises to work with to help with your animal communication.

Animal Communication is a language of ‘thoughts and feelings’ or ‘heart and mind’ connection, we tune into the thoughts and feelings of animals as they do with us.

We all communicate telepathically with each other and with our animals all the time and just don’t realise it on a conscious level.

So here are some tips that will help this communication to flow: Read the rest of this entry »

Can Animals Dance?

Posted by Michelle On November - 21 - 2009 Comments Off on Can Animals Dance?

Hope you enjoy this!! 🙂

My Christmas dance with Alfie, Brian, Asbo and Bluey!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Much love

Michelle xxx