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A-Z of Animal Communication Q for Questioning

Posted by Michelle On March - 10 - 2015


Today’s letter is Q for Questioning. 

Learning to trust the information we are receiving is paramount in Animal Communication. We find that we question the details we are presented with.

When we start to trust in ourselves and listen to ourselves it gives us so much more confidence in listening and trusting the information we are receiving.

Take a look at some colours and write down what that colour means to you, just 1 word, it can be a feeling, place, object, the first thing that comes to you. You can repeat the word if you wish with another colour. Look at the words you have chosen and see which ones are similar and what colours they relate to.

The more secure you are in your true self, the easier it is to accept what you get. At the end of the day only you know how you feel and what you are receiving – nobody else.  Trust and go with it!

Michelle x

trust yourself

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