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A-Z of Animal Communication – O for Openness

Posted by Michelle On February - 9 - 2015


Today’s letter is O for Openness.

Open, allowing, relaxed and in the moment, is when communication will take place.

When you first start communicating with animals the ‘want’ can be so great and you are focusing so hard the desperation fills your whole being and will not let anything in as you are too busy. It is like trying to remember a persons name and you are trying so hard you can hardly think, so you give up. The moment you give up the name pops straight into your thoughts.

Allow the thoughts from the animal to come to you because the harder you try the harder it becomes. The moment we let go of the trying and are no longer attached to the outcome it will flow. Being attached to the outcome is about ‘getting it right’ and this will stop the flow as we are going into the rational mind and approval

Much love

Michelle x


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